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Archives of Public Health

Archives of Public Health

简  介:Archives of Public Health is an open access, peer-reviewed, international online journal whose focus is on the better understanding of the health of populations. Archives of Public Health contributes to public health knowledge, enhances the interaction between research, policy and practice and stimulates public health monitoring and indicator development. The journal considers submissions on health outcomes and their determinants, with clear statements about the public health and policy implications. The journal welcomes methodological papers (e.g. on study design and bias), papers on health services research, health economics, community interventions, and epidemiological studies dealing with international comparisons, the determinants of inequality in health, and the environmental, behavioural, social, demographic and occupational correlates of health and diseases. The journal is supported by a grant of the Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment.

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Association of information, education, and communication with enrolment in health insurance: a case of Nepal Devaraj Acharya[1]; (1-)

Correlates of antenatal care utilization among women of reproductive age in sub-Saharan Africa: evidence from multinomial analysis of demographic and health surveys (2010–2018) from 31 countries Sulaimon T. Adedokun[1]; (1-)

Parent-young communication on sexual and reproductive health issues and its association with sex and perceptions of young people in Ethiopia, 2020: a systematic review and meta-analysis Melaku Yalew[1]; (1-)

Perceived work stress, overcommitment, balance in everyday life, individual factors, self-rated health and work ability among women and men in the public sector in Sweden – a longitudinal study Carita Håkansson[1]; (1-)

Health-risk behaviors among Iranian university students, 2019: a web-based survey Farhad Shekari[1]; (1-)

Disability-adjusted life years and mortality rate attributed to unsafe sex and drug use for AIDS in the Middle East and North Africa countries Farid Najafi[1]; (1-)

Trends and determinants of an acceptable antenatal care coverage in Ethiopia, evidence from 2005-2016 Ethiopian demographic and health survey; Multivariate decomposition analysis Tilahun Yemanu Birhan[1]; (1-)

Age at the onset of tobacco smoking in South Africa: a discrete-time survival analysis of the prognostic factors Adeniyi Francis Fagbamigbe[1]; (1-)

Knowledge towards standard precautions among healthcare providers of hospitals in Amhara region, Ethiopia, 2017: a cross sectional study Ayele Semachew Kasa[1]; (1-)

Disparities in utilization of sexual and reproductive health services among high school adolescents from youth friendly service implemented and non-implemented areas of Southern Ethiopia Bayu Haile[1]; (1-)

Stakeholder views on the potential impact of a sugar-sweetened beverages tax on the budgets, dietary intake, and health of lower and higher socioeconomic groups in the Netherlands Sanne K. Djojosoeparto[1]; (1-)

Determinants of early initiation of breastfeeding in Papua New Guinea: a population-based study using the 2016-2018 demographic and health survey data Abdul-Aziz Seidu[1]; (1-)

Fertility desire and associated factors among people living with HIV in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis Getu Mosisa[1]; (1-)

Development and randomized controlled trial evaluation of E-learning trainings for professionals Elisa König[1]; (1-)

Rapid establishment of a national surveillance of COVID-19 hospitalizations in Belgium Nina Van Goethem[1]; (1-)

Comparing health insurance data and health interview survey data for ascertaining chronic disease prevalence in Belgium Finaba Berete[1]; (1-)

The gender gap and healthcare: associations between gender roles and factors affecting healthcare access in Central Malawi, June–August 2017 Amee D. Azad[1]; (1-)

Social determinants and other aspects associated with rheumatic diseases in the Brazilian population: a cross-sectional study based on the National Health Survey (PNS2013) Clécio Gabriel Souza[1]; (1-)

All-cause mortality supports the COVID-19 mortality in Belgium and comparison with major fatal events of the last century Natalia Bustos Sierra[1]; (1-)

Longitudinal analysis of Socioecological obesogenic factors in a National Sample of U.S. children TaeEung Kim[1]; (1-)

Time trends, geographical, socio-economic, and gender disparities in neonatal mortality in Burundi: evidence from the demographic and health surveys, 2010–2016 Sanni Yaya[1]; (1-)

Impact of antenatal care on neonatal mortality among neonates in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis Tadesse Tolossa[1]; (1-)

Why did EFSA not reduce its ADI for aspartame or recommend its use should no longer be permitted? Erik Paul Millstone[1]; (1-)

Are normoglycaemic individuals at risk of depression? The depression-dysglycaemic phenotype from a European population-based cross-sectional study Sarah Cuschieri[1]; (1-)

Meta-synthesis of qualitative evidence in road traffic injury prevention: a scoping review of qualitative studies (2000 to 2019) Saber Azami-Aghdash[1]; (1-)

Prevalence, incidence, and trends of childhood overweight/obesity in Sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic scoping review Frederick Inkum Danquah[1]; (1-)

The association of mental disorders with perceived social support, and the role of marital status: results from a national cross-sectional survey Janhavi Ajit Vaingankar[1]; (1-)

Uptake of Nutri-Score during the first year of implementation in Belgium Stefanie Vandevijvere[1]; (1-)

Associations between adolescents’ physical activity behavior and their perceptions of parental, peer and teacher support Beata Pluta[1]; (1-)

Environmental exposures and health behavior in association with mental health: a study design Pauline Hautekiet[1]; (1-)

Acceptance of the proposed social health insurance among government-owned company employees in Northwest Ethiopia: implications for starting social health insurance implementation Abuneh Zemene[1]; (1-)

Influenza coverage rates in subjects with chronic heart diseases: results obtained in four consecutive immunisation seasons in the Local Health Unit of Ferrara (North Italy)” Armando Stefanati[1]; (1-)

Predictors of unmet need for family planning in Ethiopia 2019: a systematic review and meta analysis Temesgen Getaneh[1]; (1-)

Eating quickly is associated with a low aspartate aminotransferase to alanine aminotransferase ratio in middle-aged adults: a large-scale cross-sectional survey in Japan Eri Ozaki[1]; (1-)

Undernutrition and associated factors among adult HIV/AIDS patients receiving antiretroviral therapy in eastern zone of Tigray, Northern Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study Tsegu Hailu Gebru[1]; (1-)

Prevalence and determinants of hypertension among pastoralists in Monduli District, Arusha region in Tanzania: a cross-sectional study Ahmed Gharib Khamis[1]; (1-)

Inequality in fertility rate among adolescents: evidence from Timor-Leste demographic and health surveys 2009–2016 Sanni Yaya[1]; (1-)

Health-promoting and preventive interventions for community-dwelling older people published from inception to 2019: a scoping review to guide decision making in a Swedish municipality context Saranda Bajraktari[1]; (1-)

The effect of productive SafetyNet program on wasting among under-five children in the rural community of South Gondar Zone, Northwest Ethiopia Melaku Tadege Engidaw[1]; (1-)

Incentives for Danish healthcare management based on a pilot outcome-based, patient-centric management model in psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis: the non-interventional IMPROVE study Simon Francis Thomsen[1]; (1-)

Does weight-for-height and mid upper-arm circumference diagnose the same children as wasted? An analysis using survey data from 2017 to 2019 in Mozambique Tomás Zaba[1]; (1-)

Lost in space - an exploration of help-seeking among young people with mental health problems: a constructivist grounded theory study Katrin Häggström Westberg[1]; (1-)

The burden of legionnaires’ disease in Belgium, 2013 to 2017 Christina Fastl[1]; (1-)

Decomposition of years of life lost due to premature death (YLL): a method for spatial and temporal comparative assessment Nitya Saxena[1]; (1-)

Long-term impact of Global Health educational experiences in Rome: an attempt of measurement Giulia Civitelli[1]; (1-)

Intrauterine growth restriction and its associated factors in South Gondar zone hospitals, Northwest Ethiopia, 2019 Desalegn Tesfa[1]; (1-)

History and development of national burden of disease assessment in Australia Michelle Gourley[1]; (1-)

Current situation and distribution equality of public health resource in China Honghui Yao[1]; (1-)

The spatial transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in China under the prevention and control measures at the early outbreak Jianli Liu[1]; (1-)

A service-learning experience in a free medical centre for undocumented migrants and homeless people Giulia Civitelli[1]; (1-)

Community engagement in public health: a bibliometric mapping of global research Ming Yuan[1]; (1-)

Predictors of institutional delivery service utilization among women of reproductive age in Senegal: a population-based study Betregiorgis Zegeye[1]; (1-)

Context matters in understanding the vulnerability of women: perspectives from southwestern Uganda Neema Murembe[1]; (1-)

Disentangling depression in Belgian higher education students amidst the first COVID-19 lockdown (April-May 2020) Jeroen De Man[1]; (1-)

Equipping community health workers with digital tools for pandemic response in LMICs Anam Shahil Feroz[1]; (1-)

The use of non-prescribed antibiotics; prevalence estimates in low-and-middle-income countries. A systematic review and meta-analysis Neusa F. Torres[1]; (1-)

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Short-term impact of the COVID-19 confinement measures on health behaviours and weight gain among adults in Belgium Sabine Drieskens[1]; (1-)

The effects of weight fluctuation on the components of metabolic syndrome: a 16-year prospective cohort study in South Korea Young Ran Chin[1]; (1-)

Understanding the role of lady health workers in improving access to eye health services in rural Pakistan – findings from a qualitative study Stevens Bechange[1]; (1-)

Publisher Correction to: The gender gap and healthcare: associations between gender roles and factors affecting healthcare access in Central Malawi, June–August 2017 Amee D. Azad[1]; (1-)

How beneficiaries see complex health interventions: a practice review of the Most Significant Change in ten countries Kendra Tonkin[1]; (1-)

Policy-makers’ views on translating burden of disease estimates in health policies: bridging the gap through data visualization Amelia Lundkvist[1]; (1-)

Sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression-based violence in Catalan universities: qualitative findings from university students and staff Elena María Gallardo-Nieto[1]; (1-)

Health status and health behaviour of the Hungarian homeless people Emese Nagy-Borsy[1]; (1-)

Mediating role diet self-efficacy plays in the relationship between social support and diet self-management for patients with type 2 diabetes Li Yang[1]; (1-)

Making the case for strong health information systems during a pandemic and beyond Andrea E. Schmidt[1]; (1-)

Indicators of guideline-concordant care in lung cancer defined with a modified Delphi method and piloted in a cohort of over 5,800 cases Anita Andreano[1]; (1-)

Relationship between body image, anxiety, food-specific inhibitory control, and emotional eating in young women with abdominal obesity: a comparative cross-sectional study Zhong-Hua He[1]; (1-)

Effectiveness of different types of mental simulation in the weight loss process based on a perseverance study among people with different BMI Wojciech Styk[1]; (1-)

Does health literacy affect the uptake of annual physical check-ups?: Results from the 2017 US health information national trends survey Hee Yun Lee[1]; (1-)

Incidence of and improvement in inappropriate parental behaviors of mothers with young children: a retrospective cohort study conducted in collaboration with a local government Takehiro Arai[1]; (1-)

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Infant and young child feeding practices in Ethiopia: analysis of socioeconomic disparities based on nationally representative data Nigatu Regassa Geda[1]; (1-)

Maternal healthcare utilization and full immunization coverage among 12–23 months children in Benin: a cross sectional study using population-based data Eugene Budu[1]; (1-)

Redistributing ill-defined causes of death – a case study from the BURDEN 2020-project in Germany Annelene Wengler[1]; (1-)

The cost-effectiveness of government actions to reduce sodium intake through salt substitutes in Vietnam Colman Taylor[1]; (1-)

Psychosocial rehabilitation experiences of women victims of armed conflict in Montes de María, Colombia Laura Camila Sarmiento-Marulanda[1]; (1-)

Effectiveness of mass treatment of Schistosoma mansoni infection in socially vulnerable areas of a state in northeastern Brazil, 2011–2014 Flávia Silvestre Outtes Wanderley[1]; (1-)

The usability of Jordan stillbirths and neonatal deaths surveillance (JSANDS) system: results of focus group discussions Yousef S. Khader[1]; (1-)

A retrospective analysis of the health and social situation of homeless people in Berlin: study protocol Sonia Lech[1]; (1-)

Collaborating in a penta-helix structure within a community based participatory research programme: ‘ Wrestling with hierarchies and getting caught in isolated downpipes ’ Katarina Sjögren Forss[1]; (1-)

Evaluating level of adherence to nicotine replacement therapy and its impact on smoking cessation: a systematic review and meta-analysis Amanual Getnet Mersha[1]; (1-)

Variability in daily or weekly working hours and self-reported mental health problems in Korea, Korean working condition survey, 2017 Hye-Eun Lee[1]; (1-)

Food intake and cardiometabolic risk factors in rural Uganda Therese L. F. Holmager[1]; (1-)

A population-based study of health-promoting behaviors and their predictors in Iranian males, 2019 Fovziye Sanaati[1]; (1-)

Delayed breast feeding initiation increases the odds of colostrum avoidance among mothers in Northwest Ethiopia: a community-based cross-sectional study Maezu G/slassie[1]; (1-)

Validation of a search strategy for randomized clinical trials related to periodontitis Amanda Oliveira Lyrio[1]; (1-)

Essential newborn care practice and its associated factors in Southwest Ethiopia Haimanot Abebe[1]; (1-)

Factors that facilitate multigenerational exchanges in regional locations: a cross‐sectional study in Niigata City, Japan Kumiko Morita[1]; (1-)

Socioeconomic status, well-being and mortality: a comprehensive life course analysis of panel data, Germany, 1984-2016 Diego Montano[1]; (1-)

Health-related quality of life of multiple sclerosis patients: a European multi-country study Laurenske A. Visser[1]; (1-)

Different configurations of the two-step floating catchment area method for measuring the spatial accessibility to hospitals for people living with disability: a cross-sectional study Behzad Kiani[1]; (1-)

The nature of food promotions over one year in circulars from leading Belgian supermarket chains Stefanie Vandevijvere[1]; (1-)

Association between water and sanitation and soil-transmitted helminthiases: Analysis of the Brazilian National Survey of Prevalence (2011–2015) Kasandra Isabella Helouise Mingoti Poague[1]; (1-)

Association of breastfeeding and risk of metabolic syndrome and its components in postmenopausal parous women: Korea national health and nutrition examination survey (2010 ~ 2016) Jusuk Lee[1]; (1-)

Health insurance coverage and maternal healthcare services utilization in Jordan: evidence from the 2017–18 Jordan demographic and health survey Petula Fernandes[1]; (1-)

The need for translation and cultural adaptation of audiology questionnaires to enable the development of hearing healthcare policies in the Pacific Islands: a Samoan perspective Annette Kaspar[1]; (1-)

Development of a patient safety care activity scale for clinical nurses in Korea Ya Ki Yang[1]; (1-)

Differences in regional distribution and inequality in health-resource allocation on institutions, beds, and workforce: a longitudinal study in China Enhong Dong[1]; (1-)

Prevalence and associated factors of dyslipidaemia among university workers in Southeast Nigeria: a cross-sectional study Adaobi M. Okafor[1]; (1-)

Converging or diverging trajectories of mortality under one year of age in the Baltic States: a comparison with the European Union Agnieszka Genowska[1]; (1-)

Discontinuation rate and associated factors among contraceptive implant users in Kersa district, southwestern Ethiopia Gali Nega[1]; (1-)

Determinants of adherence to COVID-19 measures among the Belgian population: an application of the protection motivation theory Joris Adriaan Frank van Loenhout[1]; (1-)

Conducting national burden of disease studies in small countries in Europe– a feasible challenge? Sarah Cuschieri[1]; (1-)

Detecting anxiety and depression among people with limited literacy living with chronic low back pain in Nigeria: adaptation and validation of the hospital anxiety and depression scale Chinonso Nwamaka Igwesi-Chidobe[1]; (1-)

Comparison of appropriateness of Nutri-Score and other front-of-pack nutrition labels across a group of Moroccan consumers: awareness, understanding and food choices Hassan Aguenaou[1]; (1-)

Factors associated with early antenatal care attendance among women in Papua New Guinea: a population‐based cross‐sectional study Abdul-Aziz Seidu[1]; (1-)

The effect of education based on health belief model on promoting preventive behaviors of hypertensive disease in staff of the Iran University of Medical Sciences Nemam Ali Azadi[1]; (1-)

Education can modify the long term impact of early childhood famine exposure on adulthood economic achievement: a historical cohort study among the survivors of the great Ethiopian famine 1983–85 Kalkidan Hassen Abate[1]; (1-)

Influence of physical activity and postural habits in schoolchildren with scoliosis Sanderson José Costa de Assis[1]; (1-)

Adverse childhood experiences and psychological distress among higher education students in Southeast Nigeria: an institutional-based cross-sectional study Olaoluwa Samson Agbaje[1]; (1-)

Identification of a prognostic long noncoding RNA signature in lung squamous cell carcinoma: a population-based study with a mean follow-up of 3.5 years Rongjiong Zheng[1]; (1-)

Chronic disease multimorbidity among the Canadian population: prevalence and associated lifestyle factors Nigatu Regassa Geda[1]; (1-)

The influence of late retirement on health outcomes among older adults in the policy context of delayed retirement initiative: an empirical attempt of clarifying identification bias Jiannan Li[1]; (1-)

Disparities in the quality of and access to services in children with autism spectrum disorders: a structural equation modeling Mohammad Asghari Jafarabadi[1]; (1-)

Associations between socioprovincial factors and self-reported mental disorders among students from grade 4 to 8 in rural China Ming Guan[1]; (1-)

Validation of the Arabic version of the “12-item short-form health survey” (SF-12) in a sample of Lebanese adults Chadia Haddad[1]; (1-)

Determinants of under-five mortality in the high mortality regions of Ethiopia: mixed-effect logistic regression analysis Misganaw Gebrie Worku[1]; (1-)

Caregivers: the potential infection resources for the sustaining epidemic of hand, foot, and mouth disease/herpangina in Guangdong, China? Jundi Liu[1]; (1-)

Individual and community-level determinants of childhood vaccination in Ethiopia Setegn Muche Fenta[1]; (1-)

The politicians’ perspectives on participation in mammographic screening: an interview-based study from a region in Sweden Maria Norfjord van Zyl[1]; (1-)

Time to early initiation of postnatal care service utilization and its predictors among women who gave births in the last 2 years in Ethiopia: a shared frailty model Ayal Debie[1]; (1-)

Impact of current or past physical activity level on functional capacities and body composition among elderly people: a cross-sectional analysis from the YMCA study Fanny Buckinx[1]; (1-)

Global research activity on antimicrobial resistance in food-producing animals Waleed M. Sweileh[1]; (1-)

Childbirth at home and associated factors in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis Asteray Assmie Ayenew[1]; (1-)

Determinants of short birth interval among women in South Gondar, Ethiopia: community-based unmatched case-control study Gedefaye Nibret Mihretie[1]; (1-)

Youth sport participation and physical activity in rural communities Debra K. Kellstedt[1]; (1-)

Combining self-reported and objectively measured survey data to improve hypertension prevalence estimates: Portuguese experience Irina Kislaya[1]; (1-)

The physical and mental impact of surviving sepsis – a qualitative study of experiences and perceptions among a Swedish sample Sabine Apitzsch[1]; (1-)

Calculation and internal validation of a new synthetic and autocorrelate index to combine the determinants of health of a population Domenico Tebala[1]; (1-)

Socioeconomic, urban‐rural and sex‐based inequality in infant mortality rate: evidence from 2013 Yemen demographic and health survey Betregiorgis Zegeye[1]; (1-)

Idiopathic scoliosis and associated factors among school children: a school-based screening in Ethiopia Moges Gashaw[1]; (1-)

The reasons why patients abscond from public hospitals in southeastern Iran: a qualitative study Mahnaz Moradpour[1]; (1-)

A systematic review of prediction models to diagnose COVID-19 in adults admitted to healthcare centers Médéa Locquet[1]; (1-)

Correction to: Women empowerment and uptake of antenatal care services: A meta-analysis of Demographic and Health Surveys from 33 Sub-Saharan African countries Gebretsadik Shibre[1]; (1-)

Tracking progress in anthropometric failure among under-five children in Ethiopia: a geospatial and multilevel analysis Binyam Tariku Seboka[1]; (1-)

Urban-rural disparities in wife-beating attitude among married women: a decomposition analysis from the 2017 Senegal Continuous Demographic and Health Survey Betregiorgis Zegeye[1]; (1-)

The association between opioids, environmental, demographic, and socioeconomic indicators and COVID-19 mortality rates in the United States: an ecological study at the county level Fares Qeadan[1]; (1-)

The everyday life situation of caregivers to family members who have had a stroke and received the rehabilitation intervention F@ce in Uganda Gunilla Margareta Eriksson[1]; (1-)

Documenting HIV research-utilization activities, outputs and outcomes: examples and lessons learned from Project SOAR Samuel Kalibala[1]; (1-)

Association between health literacy and mortality: a systematic review and meta-analysis Zhao-ya Fan[1]; (1-)

Healthcare workers’ behaviors on infection prevention and control and their determinants during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study based on the theoretical domains framework in Wuhan, China Qiuxia Yang[1]; (1-)

Effectiveness of message-framing to improve oral health behaviors and dental plaque among pregnant women Masoumeh Divdar[1]; (1-)

Blood lead and cadmium levels are negatively associated with bone mineral density in young female adults Jianfeng Lu[1]; (1-)

Predictors of time-to-death on children in Tigray regional state, Ethiopia: a retrospective cross sectional study Gebru Gebremeskel Gebrerufael[1]; (1-)

Exploring the socio-economic determinants of educational inequalities in diarrhoea among under-five children in low- and middle-income countries: a Fairlie decomposition analysis Adeniyi Francis Fagbamigbe[1]; (1-)

Analysis of factors contributing to occupational health inequality in Korea: a cross-sectional study using nationally representative survey data Eunjeong Noh[1]; (1-)

Use of health care services by people with substance use disorders in Belgium: a register-based cohort study Luk Van Baelen[1]; (1-)

Cause of death for patients with breast cancer: discordance between death certificates and medical files, and impact on survival estimates Hava Izci[1]; (1-)

Epidemiological factors for type 2 diabetes mellitus: evidence from the Global Burden of Disease Artur Kotwas[1]; (1-)

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Depression remains a neglected public health problem among pregnant women in Northwest Ethiopia Getnet Mihretie Beyene[1]; (1-)

Factors associated with length of stay and treatment outcome of Ebola patients treated at an Ebola treatment center in Sierra Leone during the peak period of the West African Ebola outbreak 2013–2016 Jia Bainga Kangbai[1]; (1-)

Medication safety knowledge, attitude, and practice among hospital pharmacists in tertiary care hospitals in Saudi Arabia: a multi-center study Azizah AL-Mutairi[1]; (1-)

Health insurance enrollment strategies during the Affordable Care Act (ACA): a scoping review on what worked and for whom Angelo Ercia[1]; (1-)

Measuring functioning and disability using household surveys: metric properties of the brief version of the WHO and World Bank model disability survey Carla Sabariego[1]; (1-)

Trends and socioeconomic factors in smoking and alcohol consumption among Chinese people: evidence from the 2008–2018 National Health Service Surveys in Jiangsu Province Kehui Liu[1]; (1-)

Recommendations to plan a national burden of disease study Romana Haneef[1]; (1-)

SARS-CoV-2 PCR and antibody testing for an entire rural community: methods and feasibility of high-throughput testing procedures Ayesha Appa[1]; (1-)

Socio-economic and geographical inequalities in adolescent fertility rate in Ghana, 1993–2014 Bright Opoku Ahinkorah[1]; (1-)

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Levels of physical activity in four domains and affective wellbeing before and during the Covid-19 pandemic Eliane S. Engels[1]; (1-)

The effect of antenatal depression on birth weight among newborns in South Gondar zone, Northwest Ethiopia: a population-based prospective cohort study Getnet Mihretie Beyene[1]; (1-)

Establishing a controlled hookworm human infection (CHHI) model for Africa: A report from the stakeholders meeting held in Lambaréné, Gabon, November 10–11, 2019 Ayodele Alabi[1]; (1-)